“We have two beautiful boxers, Bailey an 18 month dog and Bess who is 11 months.  Although Bailey would walk to heel in town, he was not so well behaved at home in the country, whilst Bess pulled like a train on the leash. I live in an area where sheep and cattle wander the road during the summer and both the dogs had started to aggress towards them. I was starting to think that I would never have two well behaved dogs when I saw Ingrid’s website and decided to ask if she would train my dogs. . Ingrid explained that the regime was strict and required time and commitment and that to do two dogs at once would be tough. However, I was desperate and decided to commit to the process.

I was very nervous to meet Ingrid with my two bumptious and somewhat out of control dogs.  She pulled no punches and told me that my dogs had little respect for me but that with hard work that would all change. Within 5 minutes of meeting Ingrid my little Bess was walking to heel, sitting quietly and looking adoringly at her – I was hooked!

After 6 weeks of following the regime set down by Ingrid and three classes, my dogs will now walk to heel off the leash, come when they are called and stay where they are told.  They have stopped trying to chase sheep and cows and Bailey will now leave other dogs or road kill when  told.  They are not perfect and I am still doing the training walks and the exercises but they are really coming on.

I am very grateful to Ingrid for her training and her directness and honesty in helping me to work the dogs.  I would be happy to share my experience with anyone who is thinking of training their dogs the Grayling way!

Jo Jeeves, September 2013

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