We and our dogs, Digby & Daisy  were in need of an “Ingrid”. We contacted her and she was fantastic from the moment we spoke she understood our needs and was certain that she could help.

We all travelled to see her and we had such a warm and welcome greeting. We explained that we had recently homed  Daisy, another Cockerpoo (she’s two) to Digby (who’s three) and as such we needed help to bring some order and get them to sleep by themselves, respect the furniture and leave us somewhere to sit.

When out on their walks they had developed bad habits, pulling on their leads, not coming back when told and generally unruly. NOW, they walk to heel, comeback when told, allow us to sit on the sofa, sleep together in their room, not ours, much more obedient and are still such a pleasure to be with.

Our experience with Ingrid was just right and gave us all we needed with her help in bringing order to the four legged it family members.

We would happily recommend her to anyone who has any issues with any family members both two and four legged.

John & Elaine and Digby & Daisy

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