I, like many, had tried several different training programmes and techniques but I could not find anything at all that would make the slightest difference to my dogs most worrying issue that was his love to chase ANYTHING that moved!

Living on Dartmoor and surrounded by sheep and livestock it meant every walk became a terrifying experience. If I took him to the park there would be joggers and cyclists to contend with.

I discovered Ingrid had just moved to Devon and within days of speaking to her we had set a date to meet.
Once we had discussed the problems I was having with Douglas my twelve month old Goldendoodle I took Ingrid’s advice and signed up for basic obedience training as well as livestock training.

As soon as we started the training it just made sense to me and my dog and with such an experienced and enthusiastic trainer beside me it filled me with the confidence I had lost. The support from Ingrid was amazing and went above and beyond of what I was expecting.

When you see your dog change day by day and feel a bond that becomes living and respectful this gives you the motivation to carry on. My Douglas is amazing and I am so proud of him now.
The best thing for me is we now enjoy our walks together and I no longer feel like just the chauffeur who used to drive him there and take him home when he was finished!

Absolutely all equipment you need is provided by Ingrid, all you need to bring is your dog and a willingness to commit.

Thank you Ingrid, Claire Hancock and Douglas, Devon

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