Today was a very big day for little Daisy the yellow Labrador, as she arrived promptly with her owner for her first basic training lesson. Looking very sweet and extremely relaxed she could almost have brought the Andrex toilet rolls with her, I was almost expecting the film crew to be somewhere around.

As Daisy had been before for her introduction to training lesson she already knew me, and I was greeted with great enthusiasm. Daisy and her owner had certainly been very busy working and they had both achieved all the things that I had taught them on the first visit to me, so I was really pleased with their progress.

Daisy was calm and relaxed and when going through doorways was already sitting and staying on the whistle command. She was now used to being on a lead without chewing it and at home she was sitting and waiting for her food (very hard for a Labrador). She was also sitting and waiting to be lifted into the car, and again with the cage door open she was waiting for the command to come out at this age of course she had to be lifted in and out .

The first basic training lesson went really well – I train the owner to train their dog and once Daisy’s owner knew what to do the owner was then able to teach Daisy. We started with heel work, then recall, and then finished with heel work again.

For the next two weeks Daisy will be training for four half hours a day seven days a week . On the return visit after I have checked to make sure the first stage is correct ,Daisy’s owner will be taught the second stage .

We had a lovely afternoon and the rain stayed away; little Daisy worked very well she was very happy to get back into the car again, and I am guessing that she slept all the way home!

All the training again was non treat based.

I can’t wait to see both Daisy and her owner again soon.

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