Ingrid has transformed the relationship I have with my dog, Chui.

We were struggling with his recall and separation anxiety. On walks we couldn’t let him off the lead without him running off into the distance after every rabbit, squirrel and other dog.

Nobody in the family believed we would ever be able to relax and enjoy our walks with him.

The training with Ingrid has been an intense commitment over 6 weeks, and we are now embedding what he has learned in the following months.

After 4 weeks of on-the-lead training his recall and heel work is sharp and reliable. He has really enjoyed the training and being constantly challenged and stimulated. Ingrid has been able to observe his particular behaviours and help us to adapt the training accordingly.

We can now walk him confidently off the lead on the moor and really enjoy his company. It has been a real joy seeing him progress and be able to continually praise him for his good behaviour. We are a happier family all round.

Georgie, Charlie and Chui

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