July started off on a very sad note for me as my very best friend and companion, Twinkle, left me very suddenly.  Although I knew that at the age of 12 she was on borrowed time it was still a shock when she passed away.

Twinkle was my black labrador that I bred and helped bring into this world, and last week finally at the age of 12 she decided that she didn’t have the strength or will to cope with the several ailments that had started to effect her daily life, and her body told her that it had had enough.

I console myself with the fact that Twinkle had a very loving, fulfilling and busy working life and she had also been lucky enough to have lived with her other mother for most of her life.

Nothing prepares us for the loss and pain that we go through when we lose our four-legged friends of which Twinkle had many of.

So with a heavy heart and a feeling of great loss, I am hanging onto remembering the al the amazing and fun times that we had together.


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