“Ingrid, it has been an absolute please for both Harvey and I to have met you today. I cannot thank you enough for the transformation in Harvey… in less than 1 hour! The walk was fantastic and thank you so much for taking the time…I can tell you not only did Harvey do something he never has – walk off the lead, but neither have I – I have never had the confidence to let him. Now I feel in total control, this is a joy to myself…but more importantly Harvey.

The journey home was bliss… Harvey did not bark once. We had a good test at Appleby. We were parked at temporary traffic lights… one the pavement were some people with dogs… now Harvey would normally be going berserk at this point… he gave a short growl then………nothing. No barking, no jumping up and down – I was utterly amazed. I decided to stop on the way home to give him water… he stayed in the boot of the car with the door open until I called him out….something I have never done either as I have to contort myself to keep him in the car when opening the boot.

At home back in his familiar environment, he was tested by the cats – he bounded down the garden… but didn’t bark. The dog next door but one started barking…and he didn’t talk back.

I then tested the magic – three short peeps, “Harvey come”…………… he was at my feet immediately. The family are convinced I have swapped Harvey for another dog.

I will continue this re-enforcement of commands this week…but already, I can see a 100% improvement in his behaviour….and I am not getting stressed feeling like I am telling him off all the time…words that he just hears as blah, blah, blah! Now he hears his leader’s voice and responds.

Thank you so much…you are an absolutely amazing lady”.

 Ian Cowan, and Harvey

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