This is my Show Type English Cocker spanielĀ  “Jasper”, he’s 18 Mths old. I contacted Ingrid for help with recall as this was becoming a ” when I feel like it” or ” I’ll be there when I’m ready” activity!!

We are now at the end of our training course and I have discovered my relationship with my dog anew. We are a now a team and he walks to heel on and off lead, I can leave him in sit/stay and walk round him and away 40 feet and he won’t budge till I whistle/ call him. To see him running back to me ears flying is one of the greatest joys as well as on our walks feeling him walking to heel on a loose leash beside me.

This has taken us a great deal of time and is ongoing but I can highly recommend Ingrid and her methods, it does take ALOT of commitment both in time and effort by us the owners. Despite having COVID I had to walk with Jasper 4 x a day following Ingrid’s instructions BUT it has been SO worth it.

Be in no doubt her method work and you too can enjoy becoming a pack leader in a pack of you and your dog(s) but nothing great happens without the work. I’m thrilled to bits and I’ve learned as much as my Jasper!

Liz and Jasper

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