Fred and I have just completed the 5 week course. I had trained dogs years ago, and not had any issues, but this time I had been influenced by all the positive reinforcement ‘treat based’ training methods that are so popular now. These methods just weren’t working for us and we both needed a reset.

On meeting Ingrid, I knew immediately that I was dealing with someone who really understands dogs and how to teach me to form a healthier relationship with Fred.

The course is ‘full on’ and owners need to set aside daily training time for the duration of the course and beyond. Fred now walks to heal on and off the lead. His recall is excellent, even around dogs and livestock. I do need to continually practice these skills in a purposeful way to ensure he doesn’t slip back into his old habits.

I can’t recommend Ingrid highly enough but be prepared for some hard work!

Ruby and Fred, Devon

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