“We went to see Ingrid after our three and a half year old Border Collie, Henry, had developed some behavioural issues, particularly excessive barking in the car. He had also always been so strong willed that we could not rely on his recall, despite having spent a small fortune on previous training for him. Having recently retired and moved to north Lancashire we were keen to be able to enjoy the local countryside with him, but he made every journey a nightmare, and we were always reluctant to let him off the lead when we got anywhere.

We went to see Ingrid, and we haven’t looked back ever since! We saw immediate results with a peaceful journey back home, and, after following Ingrid’s instructions, are now able to walk Henry off-lead in confidence. All three of us are now making the most of our beautiful surroundings.
Thank you Ingrid

Sharron & Alan, and Henry

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