“In a lot of respects Emma had always been a great dog, particularly around the house and with other dogs and people. However, gradually her recall became less and less effective until on several occasions I would be forced to spend a couple of hours trying to recall her until eventually I had to reluctantly just walk home with her following closely behind. The route home often involves passing by lots of cyclists and to get her back I had to hope we would avoid any potential collisions. She would never run off but would not come back to me and over time she would work herself up into a frenzy. As soon as we got home she realised what she had done. To avoid this I felt compelled to keep her attached to a long lead and it prevented me taking her anywhere that wasn’t within close proximity to where I live and never allow her off the lead.

The situation became more of a stressful chore than either us being able to enjoy walking and in desperation I’d even considered asking close friends if they would like to take her as I felt I wasn’t giving her what she needed. To make her the perfect dog and turn this around I needed some good training and fortunately was able to find Ingrid. I was immediately put at ease with Ingrid and reassured that me and Emma had a good bond, but that we just needed to work at her commands and establish my authority/pack leadership. I was completely open minded and fortunately had the time to give 100 per cent to following Ingrid’s training, which while often monotonous for myself, I could see the benefits for Emma immediately and how much she was able to improve relatively quickly. However, it is important not to deviate from the plan given by Ingrid, even when your dog seems to be improving. Once the training is officially completed it is clear how all the weeks of training provide a strong foundation that then requires continuous reinforcement.
It might sound hyperbolic but for me Emma is now the perfect dog: perfect recall, excellent heel work, she even now returns a tennis ball immediately when called which never occurred previously, and now I have no qualms about letting her off the lead allowing us both to enjoy plenty of long walks. The marked change in her has been noted by all of my friends and family and whilst she is now obedient and responsive, she hasn’t lost any of her character. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ingrid’s training if you’ve the time to see it through and desire to improve your dog’s and your own life.”
Simon Webb & Emma

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