The six-week course is to be recommended but only for those owners prepared to take on the hard work involved on a daily basis.  Ingrid is very strict, a disciplinarian, her point being that if you don’t put the work in then you will not succeed in having a well trained dog, and she is right!

You will know if you (yes, you, not the dog) have failed;  Ingrid is training you to train your dog, she is not training the dog.  But she is marvellous!  Follow her instructions, and you will succeed!

Once again, our very many thanks for what has been accomplished; so many people we come into contact with have been complimentary, commenting on what a well-behaved dog we have.  And on the whole, she is well behaved; she just has some puppy moments and chews this cable (my phone charge cable(s) twice) or that shoe, or anything else that she can sink her teeth into!

Peter & Sheila Bailey

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