This is Frank the Labrador cross bloodhound with his little friend Enid the cocker spaniel. They are looking very happy, confident and proud of themselves despite the fact that they are both still very young.

Enid is staying with me for the month for residential basic training.  She is extremely well travelled as she lives in London and has made the journey all the way up to the North of England to stay with me. Her owner said that she  was a very good girl during the journey  which for both owner and Enid was a long trip.

Enid and I have really enjoyed our  time together training, although now we are both feeling a bit tired with all the hard work we have put in. She is going home at the beginning of July so we will both have a rest then!

Enid now sits and stays on the whistle and with hand signals, and comes back every time on the recall. She sits at a distance and doesn’t jump up or rush towards others dogs or people, she has very good manners as well and is perfect at going through doorways without pushing  and she sits and waits to be told when she can go  through. All of this  has been achieved through pack leadership respect and with plenty of love and praise as well, and without a treat in sight!

Frank has already been trained by his owner and myself and he is here on his holiday for a month whist his owners have gone on there  holiday to  the sunshine. Enid is now  5 months old and believe it or not frank is only  just over 1 years old but  despite there differences in size they both love each other and are the  best of friends and they really  enjoy playing  together under strict  supervision of course !   Although again despite Franks size he is very gentle  when playing with Enid.

I’m sure they will miss each other when they have to go home,  as will I,  we are truly a little pack and now know each other well.


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