“On taking on a large Labrador crossed with a Pointer/Bloodhound  (we are unsure as to his breed as he was scooped up from the Dog’s home), we believed we had bitten off more than we could chew.

‘Frank’ as he was to become to be named whilst quite adorable was quite literally a nightmare when allowed off the lead. He would not come back, would not take any notice of us and generally made life hard work. Living out in the wilds in the middle of the moors we are surrounded by all sorts of potential “Frank fodder”!! from lovely cuddly little lambs to rabbits deer and pheasants, all good fun to chase and possibly consume!

However, not to be foiled by Frank we had a cunning plan, we would buy the RSPCA book on ‘how to train your dog’ and we had dreams that he would now become a peaceful animal and loving inhabitant of the environment he lives in…….. WRONG ….. Frank had other ideas!

Whilst diligently plodding through the pages and trying to progress from one stage to the next Frank was lukewarm to the idea.

In enters the “saviour”  Ingrid Grayling, who we had heard about from our local dog food supplier.

From the first phone call I knew I was in good hands. I told her my tale of impending defeat and the problems Frank was happy to allow in to his daily living pattern. She told me and I was sceptical, very sceptical, that we could have Frank behaving not only like a decently behaved dog BUT a very well behaved dog,  sure I thought, but you really do not know Frank.

Cut a long story short Ingrid was right and my scepticism was soon eradicated especially by stage three of the training. I found Ingrid to be understanding ,  easy to deal with and great at what she purports to do,   train you to train the dog. Brilliant!   Well done Ingrid, we really can’t thank you enough, Frank is a stable well balanced dog whom I can control, and control in a field full of lambs walking to heel off the lead, I have a smile from ear to ear!

I can thoroughly recommend the services Ingrid supplies, very good, very good indeed.

From one very satisfied customer, Roger Mc Dowell & Frank

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